19 Years and Going Strong – JPH Land Surveying Began – 2002

Beginning: 19 years ago today in 2002, I initiated an adventure that is still going, and going strong.  In the back bedroom of my 1,300 square foot home and with my first child on the way, JPH Land Surveying, Inc. started.  With a robotic total station, a truck, and AutoCad installed on my computer, I was ready.  Little did I know about all that lay ahead.   Over the past 19 years, JPH and myself, have experienced many highs, some lows, and lots of learning opportunities.  Running a business is challenging, humbling, and rewarding all in the same moments.  When I started the company, I was set on handling everything myself and felt that was the best way to control quality.  Over the years, I’ve learned that much more can be accomplished when you hire great employees (note I said great, not just good) and allow them to do their jobs well.  Great employees become great advisors, leaders, and energizers.  JPH is no longer a solo run company, and thankfully so!  So much has been accomplished over the years thanks to all who are a part of or have been a part of JPH.  I am so appreciative of every employee.  JPH would not be what we’ve grown to become today without each of its great employees.

Clients: While I speak highly of all the internal components of JPH, it would not be fair to ignore our great clients.  To each of you, we are thankful for the opportunities you’ve given us to work with you on your project.  All of us at JPH understand that you choose to work with us to help you with your dream.  Whether it is purchasing an investment property, developing real estate, or improving the property, we are thankful that you trust JPH to support your goals.  All of us at JPH want to see you succeed, too!

Who We Are: To those that are reading this and wondering who we are at JPH, here is my elevator pitch:  JPH Land Surveying, Inc. is a professional land surveying company that specializes in supporting land development through ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys, platting/replatting, topographic and tree surveys, and general surveying support.  Our key clients are land developers, civil engineers, and other professionals situated in the land development industry.  I am confident that the team at JPH is amongst the best in the industry and stands by ready to help you, or your clients, accomplish their dreams and goals.

Employment: Does JPH sound like a great place to work?  It is!  JPH is always looking to hire great people to expand our services to our clients.  If you feel that you would add to our great team, we’d like to talk to you.  Please reach out to us!

POB: Finally, to those that are familiar with land surveying, you understand that most legal descriptions, or field notes, have a beginning point.  This is typically called the Point of Beginning, or POB for short.  We realize that whether you are an individual purchasing a property, a land developer starting a project, a civil engineer designing a project, or an employee starting employment here at JPH that the work here at JPH is a beginning point for all these tasks.  Therefore, I will end this writing by saying, no matter how you interact with us here a JPH, we understand that,


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